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Devops Consulting

Devops consulting is offered by Epic Force, creators of Leroy. Engagement with a customer consists of an initial consultation with the app team(s), QA and managing stakeholders to get an understanding of what the pain points and desired improvements are in the software development life-cycle process. Different people have different ideas of what “DevOps” means, but it is quite clear to us. DevOps is operational support for development. We want to enable the development team(s) to simply commit code and have a tangible result reported back to them with an error that makes sense or a reliable success. Software components should be automatically deployable via workflow(s) that are pluggable to different environment. The deployment workflow in and of itself is an application, with a version, which is stored in your repository and validated like any other code. A deployment sets the state of a group of one or many hosts, possibly segregated by “role”. The configurations of all application and middleware components are part of this code, as well as any database changes. The configurations have proper differences for each environment, which are testable ahead of time. The deployment is repeatable, reliable and testable. This allows radical changes in the environment because we can prove they work ahead of time. Engineering these realities is the job of “DevOps”. In order to accomplish this, there are some requirements on our end that we put in place for customers. Project goals for a customer are generally:

Once we have been able to completely on-board your application(s) for automated deployments, we offer on-going maintenance and zero touch deployment to the environments of your choosing. Support items include, but are not limited to:

Our Devops team is available to you in the same way as your employees, only we do not take days-off, nor vacation because we work as a human devops cloud, working together, with the most senior level resources around the globe and available 24/7 in all time zones. Our engineers are well versed in many automation technologies, programming languages, software, systems and network engineering. Anything we do not know, we know how to find out. If there is a solution you need, we will locate the right answer, or tool, or make it. Our senior level engineers, which always initially engage customers, are required to be able to understand coding of all programing languages and understand how to properly audit source-code and ensure configurations are separated from code. We can Architect and troubleshoot complex production environments, understanding networking, load balancers and high availability. Most importantly, our engineering staff is focused on “the right thing to do”. We’re available:

We are Devops tooling experts, specializing in automation and software life-cycle management. We have worked with almost all tools. We are able to expertly support, but are not limited to:

We’re able to create a web based deployment dashboard out of virtually any build system using proper access control and reporting. Example integration of Jenkins and Leroy using the Leroy plugin:
Leroy Devops Consulting
Here we see how we can track deployments of workflows to different environments using the Leroy Jenkins plugin.

For more information, contact [email protected] we are happy to answer any questions.

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