FREE Standard Premium
Simultaneous deployments No Yes Yes
Escalated Bug Fixes Yes Yes Yes
Support Hours  No 6am – 6pm PST, Monday – Friday 24 x 7 x 365 for Priority 1
JIRA Support  No Yes Yes
Email Support  Yes Yes Yes
Phone / Skype Support  No No Yes
Access to Support Portal & Forums  Yes Yes Yes
Feature Priorities  No No Yes
Access to all Updates & Upgrades of Leroy Enterprise  No Yes Yes
Maximum number of technical contacts Four (4) Unlimited
Response Times Priority 1:1 business hour Priority 2:4 business hoursPriority 3:12 business hours Priority 1:1 calendar hour
(contact via phone)Priority 2:4 business hoursPriority 3:12 business hours
Number of Cases/Month 5 Unlimited
Free Public Training No Four (4) Engineers

Questions ?
Ask Leroy: [email protected]

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