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We offer the following types of support for Leroy:

  • Ticket based support for Installation and usage.
    • Access to engineers via: Chat, Voice, Screen share
    • 24 Hour response
    • After-hours production deployment support.
  • Automatic updates of the latest version of Leroy.
  • Staff augmentation.
    • On-site / Off-site consulting support.
    • Complete build and deployment automation engineering consulting. Meeting, planning, setting up milestones, project management.
    • Our grid of engineers act as one of your staff, online all the time and able to work with any type of software technologies (Java, .net, C/C++, etc..) any databases (Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc..).
    • Pager/SMS 24/7 support for failed deployments.
  • Automatic updates of the latest version of Leroy.

New customers are generally engaged face-to-face initially in order to determine business needs and scope of the applications needing build and deployment automation. Our team acts as a part of your staff, on your network, using your email / IM, and attending meetings. We are on-line and ready for action around the clock. Each full time resource has at least one backup, providing a highly available resource that doesn’t get sick or go on vacation, ever, without having to pay for multiple full-time employees. You point us to your code repository and we come back with questions as we build a completely automated, componentized, and properly configured build and deployment process using your tools, Jenkins, Team City, AnthillPro, uDeploy or we can build a customized solution. We then support these projects moving forward by building enhancements to the pre-deployment and post-deployment validations, adding environments, artifact-sets, etc. You make the software, we take care of the rest. We also deal with automating any other computing process, or installation and upgrade of vendor based applications. In order for your application(s) to achieve full life-cycle deployment automation, each application component must be audited by our process. Learn more about our on-boarding process for new applications by contacting [email protected]. The basic criteria for an on-boarded application is:

  • Application has pre-deploy and post-deploy scripts that describe if an environment is suitable for deployment, and if the application has completely deployed.
  • All configurations for the application, its middleware and operating system are completely templatized with proper values for a developement, test and production environments.
  • All database changes are automatically applied with the application.
  • The application can automatically install itself clean
  • The application can update a previously installed version
  • The application can deploy only configurations

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